• Challenge

    We had to encourage and enable young voters to get involved and fulfil their democratic duty.

  • Idea

    An app to assist/increase the number of engaged young voters, generate broader PR/social coverage that would 'spread-the-word' around voting obligations and what to do on election day-especially help them get to their voting location.

  • Results

    • Downloads tripled those of the previous election's App.
    • Each user viewed an average 10 voting locations during their session.
    • Combining users with the PR and social media coverage generated by the App, we estimate it reached over 50% of the 18-24 year population in Victoria.
    • Rated 5 stars by those who used it and many users provided very positive comments, particularly around the accuracy and clarity of maps and directions.
Vote Victoria genuinely put the election in people’s hands. We set our mobile agency a very challenging timeframe to deliver a first-grade product and the app exceeded our expectations. There can’t be a dress rehearsal for elections and the app didn’t skip a beat.Thomas Harper, VEC