• Challenge

    Engage viewers in new reality show “The Big Adventure” and drive cut-through for advertisers, social sharing and ensure viewers tune-in to every episode.

  • Solution

    Get viewers to compete against contestants for their own chance to win. Using their smartphone they’d physically dig against the clock to win prizes.

  • Result

    #1 in BOTH App Stores for more days in 2014 than ANY other (beat Facebook, Snapchat & Instagram!).
    253,124 downloads in 5 weeks.
    Almost 1-in-2 viewers.
    Doubled aggressive engagement targets.
    8 holes dug per person 25 minutes playing.
    Shared to 1.5m.
    6 minutes with sponsor content.
    Played in 125 countries.

To demo the app

  • Download and Install the Android App

  • View the instructions in the app

  • Have a practice to see how you go

  • To trial the audio trigger technology:

    • Open your app to the shovel screen

    • Turn up your volume

    • Play the below video (fully buffered)